Thursday, July 06, 2006

Knight Sight: Completed

I drove Rocinante all over the chess board. I did my best to find the shortest route for him to take. After those two weeks, Rocinante and I had the board mapped out pretty well. I plan on putting these vision drills into practice by always noting (during games) where my knights can go and where my enemy's knights can leap to. This will be one of those things to check off on my thinking list.

From now until the Circles begin, I'll be going over the other chess vision drills outlined by de la Maza.

This next week, I'll keep up with the knight vision drills and then I'll be on to bigger adventures. The Knight Flight drill will takes lots of time. I plan on doing one row a day. It takes about 40 or so minutes a row. One day I'll have to do two rows. I'll save that one for this weekend.

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King of the Spill said...

Welcome aboard! I will add you to my Knights Errant list.

I started with vision drills, but I often forget to review them.

Mitchell said...

Nice blog. I like the way you have mapped your plans for improvement.The knight sight drills have worked well for me but I tend to have a more artistic studying style. I have recently started a chess blog. Please check it out Would love to trade links. Peace.