Friday, September 29, 2006

Gauntlet - 821 Problems Done

I'm trying to push through the remainder of the tactics as quickly as possible while still trying to do some calculations.

I finished the Level 40 problems tonight. I just need to get through Levels 50 and 60 and then I'll be able to go back and "master" the levels. I'm doing about 20 a day.

I'll start working on mastering Level 10 around October 10th. Who knows how long it will take me from there.

The OCL starts this week. I'm not on a board in round 1. Currently my FICS rating is 1688. My RD is still high with that rating. My official highest rating on FICS is 1650 set on February 23, 2003. So as I go through the tournament and as I play more long games and as I study these tactics, we'll see how many "points" studying tactics will get me.

I'm not so interested in my rating, but that is pretty much the only quantitative measurement I can take to demonstrate improvement.

Excuse me now as I need to go to the restroom again ...

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takchess said...

You are cooking. this pass I am attempting to do all 1200ish in one pass. I just want to see how difficult the last grouping is.

keep up the good work