Sunday, April 01, 2007

L10 and L20

Today and yesterday I worked on problems 1 to 396. I did OK for L10, but for L20, I forgot a lot of the problems.

CT-ART: 1-396

I'm thinking about switching up the next 604 problems a bit ... I'm thinking maybe I should do some form of mini-circles ... such as this:

I'd continue to memorize chunks of 20 and then work my way up to a chunk of 100 problems. Once I get to the 100th problem, I'd review that set 6 more times. So I'd do 7 mini-circles for each 100 problem set until I finish the 1000th problem. Also I wouldn't go back to review as often, if at all. I'd just focus on the 100 problem chunk and then move on to the next 100 problems without going back to review previous chunks.


Blue Devil Knight said...

I think Sancho did something like that. I use chunks of 300 problems, but 100 would be a lot easier because (aside from the obvious that there are fewer) 1) That's only 10 days for first circle, so less likely to forget between circles; 2) Less interference among different types of problems (with 300 problems there are usually quite a few extremely similar problems: this is helpful as it forces precision); 3) I think to do this you have to do the same problems in the same order every time, rather than in random order.

I would probably try groups of 100 problems if I could find a way to find the same 100 in CTB without sorting them by theme and doing them in the same order each time. Doing the same problems in the same order (especially if it's just 100 problems) will lead me to memorize probably 20% of the problems based just on where in the sequence I'm solving them.

Is it possible, in CT-Art to do the same 100 problems multiple times, but the order randomized each pass?

Rocky said...

I don't think there is a setting to randomize a set of 100 problems (of my choosing). You're probably right in that there is some percentage that I know because of the order of the problems ... not because I recognize the pattern.