Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day 10: Quest Complete

July 7, 2007: 1-500

Like I did the last two days, I worked problems 500 to 250 first. Then I whipped through problems 1-250. I actually did a lot better on the 500-250 problems today.

I took lots of breaks ... working 25-50 at a time and then taking a break to watch golf of Kung Fu movies.

I am calling my "Circles" training complete.

It really feels good to be done with this.

As to the future ... I'm not going to spend so much time on tactics now. Now that this quest is complete, I will cease posting here and continue to post my improvement plans and goals at my main blog.

I have a lot of chess books I need to get to. The first one that I want to actually finish is Logical Chess Move by Move by Chernev. Reading this book has been on my to do list for a long, long time. So I'm going to finish it.

After that, I have some other chess books I want to read. I need to start working on openings, endgames and all that other jazz. I also plan on keeping at CT-ART to keep improving at tactics. There's so much more to do. But getting these circles completed is a relief.

Thank you, Knights Errant, for the encourgement and interest!

And one last thing ... I remember starting this blog on 6/6/06 and now my last post is on 7/7/07. I planned the 6/6/06 date, but I didn't plan on ending this on 7/7/07, so it must be my lucky day.


Temposchlucker said...

Congratulations! Well done!!

Korsmonaut said...

Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment. As a prize for all your hard work... tag you're it.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Congrats, huzzahhh!

Phil Willis said...

Congrats on your awesome achievement!

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