Monday, November 13, 2006

Level 10 Complete

I'm going back over each level to "master" it ... meaning that I'm working on accuracy and speed.

Tonight I finally got my average time per problem down to 10 seconds for Level 10. The accuracy is pretty high too. Out of the 110 problems, only 6 seem to take me longer than normal.

I plan to go through all 110 one more time without stopping before moving on to Level 20.

The Fall 2006 OCL is over and I went 1-6 ... pretty pathetic. The last game was a 24 move waste of time. I had other important things on my mind that night so I ended up blundering and resigning. Sometimes I'm in no mood for chess and this last game was one of those times.

I plan on playing some long games between now and the next tournament. I'm shooting for one long game a week. So if anyone wants to play a long game (60 15 or longer) then drop me a comment. Obviously, I'm RockyRook on FICS. I usually like to play Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights after 6pm FICS time.


SamuraiPawn said...

I am at FICS sometimes. I'll put you as friend. My handle is samuraipawn. Keep up the good work!


Blue Devil Knight said...

I find it really fun when I know a set of problems well enough to just blast through them video-game style. Let us know when you hit it.

Anonymous said...

Can you describe the "concentric square",what exactly you did? i think im doing something wrong