Monday, December 18, 2006

Status Update and New Approach


As many know, life gets in the way of chess sometimes (if you have higher priorities other than chess). Such is my case over the last month.

I finally finished my MBA and graduated earlier this month. I've also recently transitioned into a new position at work which is requiring more time than my previous position. And lastly, we're in the process of selling our home and buying a new one. So chess has been pushed to the backburners.

But I'm hoping to get back in the saddle and back in the habit of practicing tactics.

New Approach

I've been struggling about coming up with a plan that will allow me to complete some version of the 7 circles without having to sacrifice so much time. I want to have time to still play a few games a week. I think I may have found a decent schedule that may work for me. I'll give it a try and then do more tweaking if necessary. If I do stay on schedule, then I'll complete it sometime in August 2007.

My new approach will be to take chunks of 10 problems and work them over and over again in one evening. The next evening I will start at problem 1 and go up to the current "chunk" I had worked on the night before. The next day I will work on the next chunk of 10. The day after I will again go through all the problems from 1 up to the current "chunk."

I do this until I hit 400 problems. Then I start the whole process all over again but this time starting at problem 401. Once a week, I'll go back to problem 1 and work my way up to the current chunk. I work this method until I hit 600, then I start over again with a weekly review starting at problem 1. I continue this cycle at 800 and finally up to 1039 (using CT-ART 3.0).

Click the link "New Approach" to see the spreadsheet.

I'm not giving up yet! I will finish eventually.

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Blue Devil Knight said...

Sounds like a great plan.