Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today I decided to do tactics 1 to 300 in CT-ART and then do 300 tactics on CTS.

CT-ART: 1-300 (90%)
CTS: 301 (1581)

I did it!

This morning while in a boring conference call, I plowed through problems 1-300 in CT-ART. I seem to struggle the most with problems 111-200. I had a lot of mouse slips, so that affected my percentage a bit.

Tonight I mowed through 301 tactics on CTS. My rating dropped a bit, but I am so impressed that I stuck with it.

I'm 1/3 done with the circles!


Blue Devil Knight said...

Sweet. During a conference call?!!! LOL.

What is the structure of your circles again? Are you doing the cumulative circles, where you keep doing earlier ones and slowly incrementing with new ones?

Rocky said...

BDK, thanks for the comment.

As for the structure ... yeah something like that. I'm trying to memorize all the tactics and I'm taking them in chunks of 10. 1-110 are easy, 111-200 is where I get tripped up a bit and then 201-300 is fairly easy for me. I did spend a lot of time on 201-300.

From now on I'll just review the 1-300 every so often while I work to build up 301-400 and on up to 600.

BlunderProne said...

Huzzah! Keep at it.

Sparta Sparta we make the earth Quake! Oh... wrong 300.