Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tactical Training Works

Suprise, suprise ... the tactical training seems to be helping. The evidence isn't hard, but I have a premonition it's working. Of course if I don't have a solid thought process and manage my time properly, I'll still lose games. Anyway ... here's the update.

CT-ART: 201-290 review and memorization
CTS: 57 (1280) hit a new high rating of 1417, but currently at 1409

As you may guess, I'm not reporting every single day as I often forget, but I am providing a quick update as to where I'm at. To see detailed progress, click on "New Approach" link to the right ... that spreadsheet tracks all the gory details. I try to upload the current file once a week.

1 comment:

Blue Devil Knight said...

That Excel file shows some good organization.

It is so bloody frustrating when I fall for a tactic that I could easily have seen if I had just looked! Last night I was up 2 pawns and then gave my opponent a tactical chance.