Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Details about New Approach

Two of the biggest disruptors to my chess are work and family. After taking care of business at work, I enjoy a fun evening with the family. But after getting the kiddos to bed, I only have a few hours to work on chess. To help me save time with reviewing the problems I have trouble with in CT-ART, I use the print feature to "export" the problems that give me trouble.

CT-ART lets you print to a file (as opposed to a printer). Once I've printed to the file, I open the file and copy the image to a Word document. I capture all the trouble problems in the same Word document and then I print that file and post it up on the wall at work. So when I take my breaks throughout the day, I can grab the problems off my wall and review them in my head.

I figure this little trick will save me about 10-15 minutes an evening when I review those problems. This way I can use that time to work on "new" problems.

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Karpyan said...

All the best with the New Approach, something I need myself. RCI scheduling is I believe virtually impossible.